Polaroid Marcellino Baldin
Who I am. In my professional life, I’m a web designer, content architect, front-end developer, problem solver and a process improver. In my personal life, I’m a proud parent, digital photographer, minor freelancer, home re-modeler, and a student always looking to learn.

How I started. I started my web design adventure at AT&T when I designed the intranet site for my organization. In 2006, I received an opportunity to redesign the Maxine site for Hallmark. My role as a web designer opened up opportunities to work on Hallmark Magazine, Shoebox Blog, Hallmark.com, hoops&yoyo and related character sites.

What I’m passionate about. Content and design! Content is the main driver of any web design and brings out the best in the design. Design allows us to be expressive and inspirational to others through multiple channels and types.

Check out my portfolio for website and graphic design examples.